Case Study Of Exchange Of Goods And Technology

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Case Study 1: Exchange of goods and technology The exchange of goods and technologies has been a key aspect in the success of nations worldwide. The general idea is to move forward with the help of other nations by exchanging goods and technologies. Specifically, guns and raw materials. The British played a big role in the exchange of these goods. However, guns and raw materials were not the only things traded. There were plenty more values, traditions and languages exchanged as well. This meant that, along with the goods that were exchanged, there was also some British culture that was exchanged. This, over time, changed the culture and lifestyle in these indigenous people’s lives.

Case Study 2: Depopulation

One of the most dominant issues of the British conquering lands is depopulation. Most of the depopulation originates from the disease that the British carried with them; smallpox. Although the British killed plenty of people via guns and brute force, the largest number of deaths came from smallpox. It has been estimated that, in the 20th century alone, 300 - 500 million people have died due to smallpox. One can only imagine the amount of deaths that occurred in the past where healthcare, hospitals, medicine, and more advancements were not present. This was one of the many factors that largely influenced the depopulation of indigenous people.

Case Study 3: Influences on government and social institutions

Cultural contact is often described
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