Case Study Of Exxon Mobil

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Exxon’s Take on Innovation and Change Management
I Introduction
Exxon Mobil started from marketing kerosene; to then become the largest global publically traded company in the oil and gas industry within 125 years (Exxon Mobil, n.d., para 3). Exxon is involved with oil and gas refining and upgrading, petroleum product marketing, and chemical manufacturing (Exxon Mobil, n.d., para 1). Therefore, Exxon intends to continuously improve their economic viability and profitability, while adhering to strict ethical standards (Exxon Mobil, n.d., para 2). They are committed to the environmental health and safety of their employees and the communities in which they operate (Exxon Mobil, n.d., para 5). Lastly, Exxon regards their corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an important factor of business, and they continually implement change and innovate to reduce the impact of their operations. Their CSR appeals to six areas to improve sustainability: safety and health in the workplace, reducing climate change risks, improving environmental performance, community and human rights engagement, local development, and corporate governance (Exxon Mobil, n.d., para 1).

II Change and Innovation Leadership Approach
i. Effectiveness of the Leadership Approach
Exxon Mobil’s organizational leadership approach to promote innovation within the organization is highly effective when looking at their innovation process, and their success rate with their innovations. For example, Roger

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