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ABOUT THE COMPANY In 2007, two IIT Delhi alumni founded and is now India's largest online shopping site. The company was founded with the primary goal back to make books easy for consumers to have access to the Internet has begun. Today it is in product categories such as movies, music, games, cell phones, cameras, computers, health and sanitary products, domestic appliances and electronic gadgets, stationery, perfume, toys, clothing, shoes and more available. A sphere in general they are not mentioned in order to succeed in India - It is a success story in the field of online retail has been given. Began with an investment of Rs. 4 lakh by the founders themselves Flipkart has grown exponentially in the last 5 years and touched…show more content…
The margins in the business books are high (40-50%) and Indian laws allow books to be imported and cross state lines without taxes, and to promote customer trials as a low-ticket items. They also came with the unique feature of the customer an option payment by cash, which they helped to gain confidence customers and made her a household name. In June 2013 Flipkart raised USD 160 million of private equity investors, with the total to $ 360 million in its recent donation drive to build and strengthen technology and strengthen its supply chain. The company has a total amount of $ 360 million in the fifth round of funding, the largest investment rose by an Internet company in India. The company is valued at approx .. 9900 crore (US $ 1.6 billion) and plans to be raised in order to use to improve its technology and supply chain capabilities capital, improve their end users and for the setting. Here are some…show more content…
In this model, the retailer applies the inventory from suppliers are and buys it from the manufacturer only if it is sold to the final consumer. Since the channel was new and unproven, this was the risk-free way to operate. It was later canceled and the inventory was purchased to ensure superior delivery and customer satisfaction. But with foreign direct investment (FDI) favoring the market model in April 2013, as amended Flipkart its business model to market model. With a market model Flipkart no longer an inventory of their own, but buyers can deal directly with sellers and require delivery of Flipkart. The model is similar to eBay India and Currently, the entire stock of Flipkart WS Retail is the pet project Flipkart is done. While WS retail will continue to be one of the sellers, Flipkart has recorded more than 50 players in his list. Procurement of materials could

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