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Executive Summary

A lot of companies waste a lot of resources, money and manpower on preparing, serving and planning their employees’ daily meal.
Catering business replaces this approach and makes it easier for companies.

Gallery Of Food is a catering company that substitutes the need for companies making their own meals with fresh-made, nutritious meals that are made at Gallery of Food and delivered to your company.
As for the customers, they will benefit by cutting expenses of the kitchen, chefs, kitchen workers, cleaning staff, food cost and a lot of other expenses and in return they will get healthier, cleaner and cheaper meals from professional chefs that have a lot of experience in the field.

Our company is medium-sized that concentrates
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It also helps organizations, cut off there expenses by eliminating the need for a kitchen or restaurants inside the company. It can also help in cutting of wages for chefs or kitchen workers. This will lead to non-wasting time of preparing food and cleaning areas. Gallery of food concept or mission is to create new alternative for junk food, for offering fresh made food with varieties.

Business Model:
The target market or the segmentation is mainly focusing on business to business, as it addresses organizations, factories, and corporations. The geographic segmentation is based on 10th of Ramadan city; this is because it is a start up business with medium capital. Gallery of food is a new company that is trying to compete in the huge food industry market.
Market and industry analysis
Seeking through the market our company decided to enter the business-to-business segment because they had a lack in the catering section and resolve to catering.
Gallery of food will start dealing with companies like Arma Food Industries, Arma Oil Industries, Arma Soap & Detergents, Global Glass, HiPack CePack and targeting more and more companies as we
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When customers can fulfill this need and at the same time, believe that they are making a difference in their community, the choice of caterers becomes obvious. They will choose Gallery of Food over the competition.


Setting prices will be according to the employees’ preferences, which is actually depending on the category of protein selection. The bigger the order the lower the price because of optimization and of course customization will end up in a higher price. Our material depends on a simple yet sustainable strategy, so it can be reused. The suppliers will not be a big issue because we will be dealing with hypermarket where they actually apply nearly the same strategy of price. Where as, the labor we will be starting with a low labor because we will try to save and cut off costs. The hypermarket will help us in this because nowadays we can be dealing with cleaned and cut vegetables. Moreover, the channels of distribution will be with our own cars that include refrigerators and heat insulation so the food would arrive the destination fresh and warm.

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