Case Study Of Grand Blue Wave

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Grand Blue Wave is one of the famous hotels in Malaysia and has many branches all over the world. One of them is in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Grand Blue Wave Hotel is a 5 star hotel and is recognized for halal certification in Malaysia. However, there are some problems in part of individual and organisational that affecting the hotel to further develops. Among the problems or issues arise are:
Becker and Gerhart (1996) argued that human resource management decisions influence hotel performance by either improving hotel efficiency or increasing business revenues. If otherwise, it can cause loss to the hotel. We have identified an internal issue occurs in Grand Hotel Blue Wave. There always have barriers between top management and lower
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Some of them are absconded. The reason of why there are high turnover happened are because of salary, low incentives to employees and also no recognition to excellent service. For fresh grad, the starting salary is about RM1,800 per month. But some of them are not satisfy with salary given. So, they decide to turnover or absconded. If we see the career growth, it is very good opportunity if they can learn and gain experience from the hotel for a few years. Another problem with talent is there is no recognition from the hotel for their excellent service. Some of them work with good dedication and give a very best performance, but without recognition or award, they feel that their services are not needed at the hotel. Award is very important to approve and as motivation to the employees to give and show their best…show more content…
For example beds, air conditioner, the interior decoration, carpet and many more. Another problem is no varieties in international food serving. One of attraction in hotels is the food and services. There are not many options for international menus whether at Royale Songket Restaurant or Borak-Borak Cafe. Furthermore, when there are buffet lunch or dinner, the selection of food is very limited. So the hotel must solve this problem. If the food is not good and tasty, then customer would downgrade the rate of service and food at the hotel. When the food is good, customers satisfy with the taste, it could help the hotel to become well known and allure more customers to come. As we see, successful organisations such as Disney, Marriott and Ritz-Carlton have developed strong reputations for their recognition of the role that their employees play in meeting customer expectations (Dennis Nickson et al 2005). Nowadays, technology grow very fast where people love connected through media social. So when customer is happy, they will share the positive thought to others and that attract more people to follow and the hotel will be recognize through their services and
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