Case Study Of H & M In Fast Fashion

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Deirdre Keegan A00001040 Strategic Management Case Study: H & M in Fast Fashion H & M started from a single store in 1947 and has grown to a fast fashion business with 2206 stores in 43 countries & has 94,000 employees. The company’s stated mission is: Fashion and quality at the best price H&M’s purpose is to offer quality and fashion with the best price strategy. Also to have all their operations were running economically, socially and in a sustainable way. The goal of H&M is to increase 10-15 percent of the number of stores per year, and at the same time increase sales in comparable units. H&M’s strong financial position allows them to expand continuously with quality and sustainable fashion (H&M, n.d.“Global Expansion”). Question 1: In Which Areas does H & M have strategic capabilities & what are they? What are H & M s threshold & distinctive resources & competences? STRATEGIC CAPABILITIES The “” defines strategic capability as a “set of capabilities, resources and skills that create a long term competitive advantage of an organisation”. The components of H & Ms strategic capabilities are physical, financial & human. 1.IT & Logistics 2.Sustainability project (CSR) 3.Design Collaborations ie Verchase & David Beckham 4.Outsourcing ie – don 't own factories or shops H & M have many distinctive resources & competencies The main one that sets it apart from its

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