Case Study Of Hilton's Behavior And Hilton

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2. Manager´s behavior & Hilton´s leadership principals
Hilton Hotels belongs to the chain, which is considered to be the leading hotel group in the hospitality industry and worldwide known brand. They have already opened more than 3.600 hotels, because they spread their platform trough franchising. Since, the franchisees offer the service under their business name, in order to protect the brand they formulated the exact business principals, core values and clear expectation, which franchisees have to keep. This pays for every employee, regardless of their job position in the hotel.
To determine the extent to which general manager in Hilton kept the set rules and Hilton´s principals; I decided to make a comparison, which will be based on taking
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However, the way he undertakes the responsibilities and leads the employees is proven after certain period of time. If the performance is not sufficient, he is immediately dismissed.
The general manager of my focus was replaced to another complex, since hotel did not function very well under his control. He did not keep all the principals of Hilton, more specifically; he did not maintain good relationships on the working place and did not support the hotel executive team sufficiently, as survey proved.
Hilton is highly dependent on the strong corporate culture, which is the crucial for offering high standard service and building good customer relationships. He did not represent the positive role model for the employees, since they did not feel satisfied under his leading, what came to the point that they lost the motivation to perform according to the set standards and quality of offered service decrease to the satisfying level. This was proved by constant grow in customers´ SALTS, where customer can make comments about the service
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The research was based on the questionnaire, which was sent out to the current employees of the hotel, who shared their opinion on general manager and his functioning in the company. That provided me with the information, what leadership style and techniques he used and what effects it had on the employees´ satisfaction and motivation. Consequently, I compared his behavior with Hilton´s leadership principals to determine, if he followed the specified rules and kept Hilton´s values formed by the brand Hilton itself. This comparison allows me to determine the right working processes in his functioning and on the contrary, identify what he should change for the future improvement. This investigation made it possible to suggest the solution proposal and formulate the conclusion, which should identify the better methods of leading the working team in the selected company of DoubleTree by Hilton in

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