Case Study Of Hockhua Tonic Company

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According to the information technology era which is created the devices or technology that starting to harm the modern society health’s issues like sleep disorders, addicted to smartphone with the internet and it also following by the unhealthy lifestyle of modern society toward fast food, processed food and junk food and etc. The increasing of the awareness toward important of health care among modern society had created a market opportunity for Hockhua Tonic Company. In order to meet the consumer’s demands and make them more convenience to access if they want buys traditional remedies to prevent any diseases arise, Hockhua Tonic Company has located 11 retail outlets in Malaysia which are offering its major products such as America imported ginseng, abalone, bird’s nest, chinese herbal and traditional products. The first major target market of Hockhua Tonic Company is for those who want a better quality of life for themselves including their loved ones. This targeted consumer is targeted for Chinese consumers due to theirs purchase behaviours is to improve the quality of their life and secured them with the long term health care products. This type of consumer will buy the products regularly just for their daily life. The second major target market of Hockhua Tonic Company is for those who, on average, are more health conscious. This targeted consumer normally is old folks and those patient who suffering the health issues and theirs purchase behaviours is just for

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