Case Study Of Hotel Portman

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INTRODUCTION: The case revolves about the problems of employees in hotel Portman, architected and developed by John C Porter (world famous designer of luxury hotels). Hotel Portman was inspired by Hong Kong’s finest hotels and was supposed to be a revolutionary benchmark in history of American luxury hotels in terms of quality and services it offered to its customers. To accomplish this Portman’s employees were required not just to offer their services but a commitment to its customers to turn their visit into a memorable experience. For this reason, a group of employees called the personal valets (PV) were most central to hotel’s functioning. The PV’s were like personal butlers which provided comprehensive personal services to the customers of the hotel. They were expected to be key competitive difference in hotel as no other hotel, in competition with Portman, provided with such a service. Every employee was treated as an ‘Associate’ and as an associate they were required to sign a contract wherein all the rights administered to him were detailed. He could also challenge the authorities in court wherein his rights were not administered to him. The organization reduced overhead management by reducing middle level managers in many areas such as usual food and beverage managers. It was to do two things for the management: 1. More responsibilities and decision making power to the valets. 2. Reduction of overhead costs of the hotel. It would thus not only help in delivering

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