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1.Marketing objectives and Market Size Hush Puppies is one the leading shoe making organisation of the world. Hush Puppies initiated its business in the year 1958. Hush Puppies bring change in shoe industry of USA as previously USA shoe industry produces conservative uniform kind of shoes. Hush Puppies offer shoes in the market which have different designs and comfort in wearing. The comfortable shoes offered by the Hush Puppies gain fame in the general Public and its sales went high within no time. Hush Puppies is one of the leading shoe manufacturing brand which is associated with comfort casual footwear. Currently, Hush Puppies is selling its shoes in more than 150 countries in the world. Though Hush Puppies…show more content…
Hush puppies sales crossed the annual sales of 18 million pairs in the world. Hush Puppies shoes are weather resistance. Hush Puppies is the name of the success story of 56 years. From day one Hush Puppies get the attraction, from casual wear to produce stylish footwear Hush Puppies remain successful ("HushPuppies History Timeline", 2017). Marketing objectives for the Hush Puppies are quite clear it wanted to be one of the top footwear brands of the world. Currently, though Hush Puppies is one of the leading brands but it is not in the list of top brands. When anyone asks a person for top footwear brand the Hush Puppies would not be termed as the top brand in the world. The marketing objectives for the Hush Puppies are as follow: • The first marketing objective of the brand is to be in the list of top ten footwear brands of the world. • Increase its sales at a consistent pace of 30 percent annually. • Ensure the production process is according to sustainable development…show more content…
Hush Puppies can hire industry experts for regular basis which have expertise knowledge of Hush Puppies marketing system. As it is proposed that Hush Puppies needs to launch a sports footwear product line. This new product line needs to be marketed on all major marketing channels. Football is the most famous international sports. A celebrity from the football world could be hired as brand ambassador. The advertisement containing the message from the football celebrity will attract large population in the world. Social media is an important weapon which could give access to a large number of potential

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