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Integra has set out to create a different type of trading environment, by creating a level of service and excellence unparalleled in the industry. We offer a wide range of trading products, an array of trading tools, multiple account options and a selection of specially designed partnering opportunities. Integra has also developed a very supportive and attentive help staff, our staff go through rigorous training to ensure not only competence, but expertise and quality. It is the combination of skill and superior products that divides Integra from its vast competition.

Below we provide a brief overview of our products, skill, our past and our vision of growth and breakdown of our current clientele.
What We Offer

Trading Products
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It is our duty to bring Forex trading to new heights and traders to greater profits, as our clients profit, we profit with them. Our success is inherently tied into yours.

Our Strategy
Integra combines market analysis with the most sophisticated technologies to date, providing the best of human and artificial ability. Our experienced account managers and traders have years of experience and in the most professional manner can deal and beat the most difficult of odds. We understand how volatile the market can be and we are fully prepared and equipped.

Our Vision
In order to succeed and exceed expectations, it is important to have a wide and deep vision. Integra is looking to grow to represent a large and recognizable force on the world stage. By expanding our client base into new countries and continents, we are confident in our long term ability to expand and bring tremendous profits to our clients and our company.

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The market is growing and quickening at an ever frenzy pace and without the right tools, it is impossible to navigate. Join our technological superiority today!

Customer Service
We understand how integral proper customer service is, and we have built a strong and cohesive team to ensure, that all your needs are met throughout the trading week. Our staff is built on professionalism and will take care of all technical issues to keep your account running smoothly.

Safety and

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