Case Study Of Internationalization And Globalization Of Samsung

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In the following proposal I will be discussing the current performance of Samsung and how it can expand to more countries. I will be focusing on internationalization and globalization. When looking at Internationalization we have to keep in mind many factors most important is the nature of the country, values, the competition and the potential customers. Looking at the history of the company and how it expanded in the last decade explains This In Samsung the vision fosnjkfnjskd About Samsung Samsung started in 1936 (Samsung General Stores) in Korea. It was a trading and exporting business that sold fish, vegetables, fruits… In 1958 Samsung expanded its business to insurance where it incorporated with a local fire and marine insurance company. In the 1960s, it became one of the first Korean companies to expand overseas. It successfully added paper and fertilizers to their business. From there it expanded to life insurance and moved to the communication sector, by establishing a newspaper and having its own broadcasting company. In the 1970s, was a very important period for the company. It invested in the telecommunications and information industries. Furthermore it expanded to aircraft manufacturing, ship building, construction and chemical plants. In 1980s, Samsung has significantly expanded to larger overseas markets. They began in contributing to foreign economies by building facilities in the US, UK and Portugal. In the final decade of the 20th century was the most

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