Case Study Of Je Suis Brand Management

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The Drink “Je Suis” brand manager will try to tackle opportunities and challenges in many ways. “Je Suis” is a non-alcoholic tropical juice brand, which celebrates culture. It has many limited edition drinks for example “1001 nights” which celebrates the Arabian culture. Brand is an approach to recognize the products of one maker from those of another. There are many parts of a brand, for example, a name, logos, trademarks, packaging, design and numerous different things. Brands have seven perspectives. First The economic approach: brand as a major aspect of the marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion). Second the personality approach: brand connected to corporate character e.g. Microsoft corporate. Third the consumer based approach:…show more content…
Facebook. At last the seventh which is the cultural approach: brand is part of the more extensive social viewpoint e.g. Guiness.The key of a decent brand is that its components identify a product and separate it from diverse products. These parts that perceive and differentiate a brand can be called “brand elements”. There are two types of brand manager’s Traditional managerial views and lateral managerial views. Traditional managerial views from the positivist worldview and is more administrative in nature. It underlines brands are to be overseen and controlled by brand managers for example by using the marketing mix. The lateral managerial view gets fundamentally from an interpretivist worldview that considers the idea that brands are social marvels whose implications can be changed/translated by numerous parties, even the individuals who don't "own" the brand. This can be done through verbal communication. The 21st century of branding is about cultural focus. This essay will concentrate on numerous qualities, difficulties and concepts which have both opportunities and difficulties affecting the 21st century brand manager of “Je…show more content…
In a manner of speaking, the firm has a couple brands in the same item classification. It infers that the summary of free brands swells up. Brand proliferation is a favourable chance for brand managers, as it can grow the business sector and in addition the organization's share of the overall industry in the classification. It can likewise expand the organization's clout at the retail level by offering assortment. New brands likewise create energy of the business sales team of the organization in the meantime. Having brands with unmistakable arranging is, the best strategy for minimizing cannibalization. Cannibalization alludes to a decrease in sales: volume and income, or share piece of one item as an aftereffect of the presentation of another item by the same maker. In the event that diverse brands are intended to convey distinctive advantages to diverse fragments of business sectors, it can limit rivalry among brands. An example of this is the brand Johnson & Johnson who have under this brand Johnson baby products and Listerine mouth products, e.g.

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