Case Study Of Just Falafel

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1. A brief background of the case content
Just Falafel is a UAE based fast food company is fast going global and trying to bring healthy and tasty food to the world. As the company was growing in a market driven by strong demand and favorable market conditions the company was facing challenges from the Western food giants as well as the needs of the company as it would grow in the future.
Just Falafel is a fast food brand that specializes in Falafal, an innovation in the food industry. It is considered to be a new commodity that has entered in the market and has been able to develop a distinct continental meal. It has been able to differentiate itself from the existing options the consumers have and has enabled the company to have a long and stable life cycle.
Vision of Just Falafel: To be the largest falafel franchise in the world
Mission of Just Falafel: Selling nutritious and delicious falafel to reflect proud Lebanese and Arab culture in the region and beyond
Falafel is a traditional Mediterranean dish which contains a patty or a ball made of fava beans and/or chick peas that grounded and served on a flat bread. The topping is flavored with sauce, pickled vegetables etc and that be as per the choice of the customers. The special ingredients make it a very healthy dish and a source of many nutrients.
Just Falafal was established in December 2007 by Mohamad Bidar and Alia Al-Mazroui who wanted to introduce the

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