Case Study Of Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

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Kirloskar Electric Company Limited is one of the oldest and catalyst for industrialization in India. It is a traditional company where business values and ethics are followed with great passion. Thus an internship study in Kirloskar Electric Company Limited was carried out with the aim of learning and acquiring knowledge of the organization set up in the company and the way each department works.
The internship study was for duration of 10 weeks had the purpose of identifying the problems and conducting a research in the company and gives some insights to overcome the problems. The study was also an attempt to link the theoretical concept with the practical applicability in the organization.
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Sampling Design:
Sample Unit
Each customer of Kirloskar Electric Company Limited constitutes the sample unit.
Sample Size
The sample size was taken as 30 customers constituting mainly from Bangalore and some parts of Karnataka. Kirloskar Electric Company Limited earns more than 75% of its revenue from Bangalore. There are around 100 customers in Karnataka for the company. But getting a telephonic appointment of the respondents was a challenging task. Thus the sample size was restricted for 30.
Plan Analysis
The information gathered was tabulated through SPSS and appropriate statistical test was carried out with various graph was prepared to analyze.
Mueller (2010) has said that customer relationship management will be flexible depending on the businesses. Thus the businesses have to frame the suggestion which are proactive and will help the companies to remain competitive in their sector.
According to Peppers and Rogers (2011) the model of business has changed from only transactions to relationship building process. A company simply can’t satisfy customer needs based on one-time transaction in order to ensure growth of business. Thus the company must ensure that’s customer preference are taken into account and must deliver result consistently to ensure long term
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The research findings indicated the size of the firm does not matter for maintain relationships. This CRM technology should not be branded as an approach only for a large organization but it also holds good for medium and small organization.
Bang Nguyen, Dilip S. Mutum (2012) provides improvement in Customer Relationship Management, the changing role of customer, issue with conceptualization and customer exploitation. The author combines the concepts of fairness, trust paradoxes of one marketing which are not much researched with customer management. The author is of the opinion that if the Customer Relationship Management scheme is overly used and misused, it may result in depleting customer trust.
The above literature review signifies the importance of customer relationship management in modern generation. Customer Relationship Management has gained importance globally and much needed for any business to survive. Thus companies give importance to customer and try to build long term relationship so that every customer will add revenue to the organization. The Customer Relationship Management concepts are all about gaining trust of the customer, so that the transection can be converted into relationship. The Customer Relationship Management technology is important for all sectors and can be applied

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