Case Study: A Brand Revival For Kool-Aid

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Brand Revival for Kool-Aid

A Brand Revival
To be presented to Ms. Anna Corina Kagaoan
In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the course
Advertising (MKTN10B)

Jeric M. Bautista
Angela Rose N. Castro
John Barry M. Elona
Kenneth A. Nalidan
Frances Nicole G. Nevalga
Pamela M. Oca

October 2015

Executive Summary

Kool-Aid is loved by many people because it's fun to drink and tastes delicious, while moms like serving Kool-Aid because it's a great value that brings fun to the whole family and has less sugar than soda. It has been one of the most iconic brands because it offers broad variety of flavors.
The purpose of this study is to revive a brand that has declined. We will create promotions on how to retaliate
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It was invented by Edwin Perkins in Hastings, Nebraska, United States of America and was manufactured in Mexico. Kool-Aid is a brand of flavored drink mix, owned by Kraft Foods. Kool-Aid starts with Edwin Perkins’s experiments in the kitchen of his mother. Its precursor was a liquid concentrate called Fruit Smack. In 1927, Perkins discovered a way to remove the liquid from Fruit Smack, leaving only a powder so that shipping costs will reduce. This powder was named Kool-Aid. In 1931, Perkins moved his production in Chicago and in 1953; Kool-Aid was sold to General Foods. Hastings still celebrates a yearly summer festival called Kool-Aid Days on the second weekend in August, in honor of their city’s claim to fame. Kool-Aid is known as Nebraska’s official soft…show more content…
An anthropomorphic pitcher known as Kool-Aid man is the mascot of Kool-Aid with catch phrase ”Oh, yeah!”. Kool-Aid aims to provide a healthy snack time for its consumer especially with the kids. The body requires essential minerals and vitamins for every process and function. These nutrients work in symphony to grow, heal, repair and maintain the body's cells, organs, systems and even skeleton. With this, the help of vitamins and minerals that inside and make drink nutritious while enjoying with different variety of

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