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CHAPTER 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Libroffee is a start-up library-themed coffee shop that serves a wide variety of coffee-based drinks and offers books that you can read inside the coffee shop. The brand name “Libroffee” was made by joining two words: Libro - a Filipino word which means book, and coffee which is the business’s main product. For being a coffee shop, Libroffee will serve their customers great tasting coffee beverages such as espresso drinks, brewed coffees and teas, and refreshment beverages made by high quality ingredients. As for being library-themed, reading materials such as books and magazines, both academic and non-academic, that customers can read inside the coffee shop will be available for use in Libroffee. This business…show more content…
Libroffee targets students and residents, ages 15 to 60 and above as their market along the Taft area. Libroffee’s specific target market would be college students in Taft who are coffee drinkers and book lovers. Students read all the time in order to learn and you can learn a lot through books. Also, many students drink coffee in order to stay awake especially when they have loads of things to do like homeworks, and to read and study when they have quizzes. Tons of work means tons of reading and coffee. Libroffee’s market segmentation is from Manila then the people around Taft (Barangay 707, 710, 714,730, 733, 754), including the students in De La Salle Univesity, College of St. Benilde and St. Scholastica’s College. Lastly, the students and people who go to coffee shops. Libroffee aims to separate customers who want to study inside the coffee shop from those who will only hangout with their friends. Libroffee aims to have two separate areas; one for those who want to study and another one for those who just want to chill and hangout. In other words, there will be a study area and a hangout area inside Libroffee. Our business’s competitive advantage is its innovative concept having library as…show more content…
Under that, it was further classified in Division 56 – Food and Beverage Service Activities. Libroffee belonged to the group and class of Beverage Serving Activities and to the subclass of Café or Coffee Shops, wherein the top five local and international major players in the coffee industry are Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Figaro, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and UCC. The key results area for this industry would be: high quality roasted coffee beans, having a high markup price, franchising opportunities, effective marketing, productivity and efficiency of employee, beverages should be presentable when it comes to appearance and taste, beverages served within 15 mins, and lastly ambiance fits the target market. (1)According to the 2012 Census of Philippine Business and Industry - Accommodation and Food Service Activities produced by the Republic of the Philippines - Philippine Statistics Authority - National Statistics Office, there are a total of 6,229 establishments all over the Philippines under the industry for Accommodation and Food Service Activities, 6.6% of which belonged to the Beverage Serving Activities section. Of the 6,229 establishments, 42.4% (2,642) belonged to the NCR region. (2) According to an article of Laarni C. Anenias, there is a continuous increase of the world consumption of coffee. Also increasing is

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