Case Study Of Listerine

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SECTION 1::1 QUESTION 1:: Listerine is the brand of the famous company "Johnson & Johnson". The company established in 1886. It has 250 operating company in 57 countries. The company divided the business into 3 portions they are Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, health care. Company earn a big revenue from these firms. The company growth is going good but in this year due to some factors its growth rate decreased 15 percent.listerine is one of the popular brand of this company. Another skin care brand is too famous too. This brand is popular due to its 120+ products and this company is better than another brand too. There target brand tagline is "caring for a healthy future ". The company is also good than PFIZER in stock. Other 5 companies own share of millions of this brand. The popularity of this brand is increasing because they are launching new brands. Their strategy is too sharp too because there SWOT analysis is good. (154 words) QUESTION 2:: Listerine is famous worldwide.The brand headquarter is in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The brand owner name was Joseph Lister. The number of employees is 126,500. Last year the company earn revenue of $74.331 billion. The company Listerine has the share of 61% they are
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