Case Study Of Louis Vuitton In Japan

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Read Case #14- Louis Vuitton in Japan and answer the following questions: 1. What has made Louis Vuitton’s business model successful in the Japanese luxury market? An aggressive marketing makes Japan the land of Louis Vuitton. This study is about Louis Vuitton’s success in the Japanese market. This success is due to the Japanese luxury’s culture and low price strategy. First, the Japanese culture is oriented in the possession of luxury brands and items as a social status. The possession of luxury brands translates into the social ascension and expression. “The Japanese way of consuming cosmetics and luxury brands seemed more like a compulsory form of social expression (Pearce & Robinson, 2014, 14-40).”The success of the company is particularly due to the quality products and life time free repairs. Louis Vuitton’s quality is a key success in the Japanese market. Louis Vuitton offered a life time warranty and free repairs to customers. The bag is made with a high-quality of leather. It’s also the same for the jewelry, bracelets, shoes, and liquor. Moreover, the company chose its local executive with a clear vision of the Japanese culture, tradition, and costumes. In sum, Louis Vuitton’s success is due to the quality of the product, the receptivity of the market, and the strategy. 2. What are the opportunities and challenges for Louis Vuitton in Japan? Japan offers many opportunities and challenge for Louis Vuitton as a luxury brand. First, as opportunities, Japan is the

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