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As the event planer of MARS travel agency I would like to make you aware of my future plans and ideas for this business. Currently we are a travel agency that is completely different from other agencies. Obviously, we are a bit like other travel agency company that offers trips around the globe. But MARS travel is very unique, we don’t just offer you regular trip to Spain, France or multiple other destinations around the globe. No, we specialize in a very specific journey. “The journey of life” we like to call it. Let me ask you this question. Do you think you suck? Do you despite your environment? Are you at an all-time low or are you just looking for a way out of the ordinary boring work days? Then come and have a look at our
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Utilizing leading-edge web technology, MARS travel agency will at first offer customized packages, deals and services in our numerous diverse channels of making tourist mindful of our services we offer through the utilization of digital marketing. As another rival in attractive and successful market, MARS travel agency primary market target is securing exclusive partnerships with accomplices. The key drivers of income are the number of ads, the amount of visitors, the estimation of data, transaction value, and the exchange…show more content…
We believe this will attract high producing vacation agents to our network and drive sales and product mix.

MARS travel marketing mix is comprised of the following: pricing, distribution, advertising, promotion and customer service.
• Pricing: We do not compete on prices with other travel agencies; we compete for the quality service we render towards our customers. Nevertheless, our target market is not price sensitive. Moreover, prices are irrelevant as long as it is reasonably proportional to the services that we render.
• Distribution: Our services will be distributed throughout different culture related countries and islands, depending on the location of our customers trips.
• Advertising and promotion: We will advertise our services through social media sites, magazines, radio, television, as well as direct mail.
• Customer service: We focus highly on our customer and their needs and desires. In the long run, this travel agency will pay off with a fiercely loyal customer base who is extremely dedicated in meeting customer

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