Maersk Drilling Research Paper

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Jan 2010 - Jan 2012 MAERSK DRILLING |
Maersk Discoverer 6th Generation Deepwater DP2 MODU

Senior Electrician & Electronic & Instrument Technician

Maersk Drilling supports global oil & gas production by providing high-efficiency drilling services to oil and gas companies around the world. Maersk Drilling seeks to become a significant and stable contributor to the APMM Group by developing and growing their business within the ultra deep-water and ultra-harsh environment segments.

Key Duties:
• Maintenance, operation and safe isolations of the HV power generation and distribution.
• Maintenance and maintaining compliance of all EEHA equipment to IEC regulations.
• Maintenance on HV and LV VFD’s and Siemens S7 PLC’s.
• Calibration and maintenance of all instrumentation
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COSL Nan Hai VI, 3rd Generation Moored MODU

Jan 2008 - Jul 2008 EX (EEHA) Project Manager
Apr 2006 - Jan 2008 Rig Electrician
Feb 2006 - Apr 2006 Rig Electrician

Maersk Contractors became Maersk Drilling and Maersk FPOSs in August 2008. Maersk Drilling was re-introduced to cover all drilling activities across the globe and a new trade name, Maersk FPSOs is established to encompass all floating production, storage and offloading activities.

EX (EEHA) Project Manager (Jan 2008 - Jul 2008)

Key Duties:
• Working to a tight schedule to bring the rig up to standard to successfully remove the Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) issued by NOPSEMA.
• Preparing individual work packs for each of the non-compliant equipment, procurement as required, liaising with operations to minimise any non-productive time.
• Confirming compliance of all the completed work and reporting to management and NOPSEMA our progress.

Rig Electrician (Apr 2006 - Jan

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