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Magic Johnson: Surviving Aids
“Here I am saying it can happen to anybody. Even me, Magic Johnson,” he states (Greenberg, np). Johnson says that getting AIDS can happen to anyone, no matter how rich, poor, or famous, and he is the proof. Johnson did not intend to get AIDS also known as acquired immune deficiency system. It just happens sometimes, usually on accident. Consequently, just having AIDS is bad enough. There are many symptoms, including a weakened immune system, fevers, weight loss and even diarrhea. (Kallen 26) First is the asymptomatic stage. There are symptoms in this stage include lymph nodes enlargement, body rash, and mouth and skin problems (“Symptoms and Stages”). The second stage is chronic HIV also known as human immunodeficiencyvirus a big sign is cold sores. The third and final stage is eventually getting AIDS. AIDS will eventually kill the person infected. Dying from AIDS can be a slow or long process it could take years, months, or even days. Most people are scared thinking that there going to die, but scientists have developed medicine to delay the effects. Most
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He started a foundation called the Magic Johnson foundation (Dakers 84). He would talk to younger and older people and encourage safe sex (Greenberg 55). Johnson even wrote a book about his life. About AIDS for people to try and not get AIDS (Dakers 84). He has been diagnosed with HIV for twenty-seven years (Dakers 81). Johnson contracted the disease because he had multiple partner. He was not faithful to his girlfriend, Cookie. in a bad way he used to not be loyal and cheat on his girlfriend Cookie (Dakers 78). Him and Cookie were supposed to get married but Johnson got scared and called it off (Dakers 78). The scariest time was when Cookie and Johnson had their first child and was worried that it was going to have AIDS. So Cookie got tested and miraculously her and the baby did not have it (Dakers
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