Case Study Of Maranda's False Attack

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On 7-31-2015 Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at 6884 N.Ridge Rd. Upon arrival, Officer McClure and I Officer Butram spoke with Maranda Degennaro. Maranda had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. Maranda’s speech was unclear and she was visibly upset. Maranda was unable to stand without assistance. Maranda was arguing with her boyfriend Edward Beranek. Maranda yelled “fuck you” several times to a male standing next to Edward. I told Maranda she needed to calm down several times or she would be arrested for disorderly conduct. Maranda would calm down for about a minute, but start yelling at Edward and the male next to him. I asked Maranda what was going on with her and Edward and the other male. Maranda stated she was not leaving with Edward and the other male. As Maranda continued to yell a group of people stated to form outside of the bar. I spoke with Edward, he stated Maranda was just really drunk. Edward continued to ask Maranda to let his friend take them home, but she stated she was not leaving.…show more content…
Maranda took several minutes in an attempt to locate her license, but was unsuccessful. I asked Maranda for her social security number, Maranda gave me a combination of a phone number, social security number, and a birth date. I asked Maranda if she had anyone she could have come get her, she stated yes. Maranda was unable to contact anyone. Maranda continued to argue with her Edward, and was still unable to calm herself down. Maranda was arrested for 2917.11(B)(1) and transported to Lake county jail. While I was transporting Maranda to Lake county jail she continued yell “fuck you lets go bitch”. Maranda attempted to open the back door of my patrol car with her teeth. I asked Maranda what she was attempting to do, she stated she was “getting out of this box”. Maranda was released to Lake county jail and given a court date of

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