Hotel Benchmark Analysis

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1. Introduction
The nature of Hospitality Business is a kind of service which provides food, drink, accommodation away from home (Lashley, 2000). Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure of competition among hospitality industry. So many international firms use benchmark to analyze their rivals.
The two companies that we will compare are Marriot Hotel and Nottingham University Hospitals. Marriot Hotel is located in the United States. J. Willard Marriott founded this company in 1927 and expanded his company as a service industry chain several decades later. It is a paragon in hotel market and it is one of the most international hotels at present. Its hotel services, hygiene, coziness, etc. is known to all the world. Nottingham University Hospitals
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Including number of units, department, financial data, sector costs, etc. The ultimate objective of benchmarking will be a research plan and an improvement program which can fulfill the expectation of customers (Omachonu and Ross, 1994) to make choices. If an enterprise does not make a use of benchmark to compare with rivals, they will be laggards someday. So, in search of some representative cases or service departments’ examples are efficient channel. The most crucial parts are that analyze the data we found and compare them respectively. In that way, the project objectives which to find out the advantages of each hospitality institution and create available basic standard to improve or promote the development of the hospitality…show more content…
 What is the main goal of NUH and Marriot?
 How do they keep balance of target profits and market demand?
 Are there any financial differences between the hotel and hospital?
 What are the differences in Key Performance indicators?
 What are their business models respectively?
 Do they have any (excellent) management strategies?
 What are the advantages and disadvantages of their management strategies respectively?
 The different customer group if can affect consuming behavior?
 What kind of CSR do they have?
 Which common managerial experiences are also applies to a Dutch hospital?
4. Research Methods
Our conclusion is based on the methods we used. We plan to through the following methods:
 Do desk research in order to know the meaning of the benchmark. Only according to Benchmarking, can we carry on the research.
 Do a survey of two hospitality businesses (NHU and Marriot Hotel). Being in-depth knowledge is helpful to find out the results.
 Professor from a Dutch hospital will hold a lecture. The introduction will be professional and vital.
 Establish a focus group and assign tasks. Group work is very important. A strong, united team is an essential and a good corporation is more

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