Case Study Of Mcdonald's

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At this report I will be discussing the operation management at McDonalds and it will include an analysis of the operation strategy of the company and I belief that the operation management can play an essential role of any company success or failure, and in this case MAC operation management made possible for them to achieve their ultimate objectives of delivering a high quality meals in such a short time continuously and repeatedly every time a customer order and from any branch they order from .

Case study back ground
McDonald’s is a first food company started in 1940 by two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald. The primary aim of the business was to make the operation of fast food more efficient (Mirabile 2007). Roy Kroc took over the firm in the year 1955 with a global mindset. The implementation of a universal idea made the company become one of the biggest fast-food brands. The strategy of bold business approach employed by Kroc led to the success of the company in the global market (Reiman2013). With globalization as their top concern, the business strategies needed to be altered. Currently, McDonald’s Corporation has established several branches worldwide. Over 121 countries provide the services with an approximate of over 30,000 restaurants running globally (Mirabile 2007).

Solutions to the questions
1. How has the competitive situation that MacDonald’s faces changed since it was founded?
The case keeps tracking the changes of fast food industry
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