Case Study Of Mcdonald's Marketing Strategy In India

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Assignment Of International Marketing Submitted To: Sir Tassadauqe Hussain Submitted By: Rabbiaazmat Mir 12130920-086 Tayaba Tariq 12130920-082 Sabeen Mushtaq 12130920-091 Shafaq Hussain 12130920-106 Umar Ilyass 12130920-077 Section B Bba 6th CONTENTS CASE STUDY OF MCDONALS CASE STUDY OF KFC CASE STUDY OF COCA COLA CASE STUDY OF CASE STUDY OF BMW McDonalds Marketing strategy in India ⦁ McDonalds was started its business as fast food restaurant in 1940 by two brothers Richard and Maurice in California and San Bernardino. In India McDonalds start business in 1960 by joint venture between ice Connaught plaza restaurant and hard castle restaurant. The company opens their first outlets in various metro cities. After…show more content…
With 23 brands and consolidated sales of €17.5 billion in 2008, the company is an industry leader in every sense. Keen to ensure that it maintains its position at the forefront of the cosmetics business sector, the company needs to attract and identify talented people who are well suited to the L’Oréal business culture. Employing over 67,000 staff in more than 130 countries, L’Oréal’s scale and scope allows it to offer staff a range of challenging, stimulating and highly varied career choices. L’Oreal has engaged in many forms of Market Segmentation in their venture in India, with different variables during different time periods. Firstly we will discuss the segmentation methods when it firstentered the market in 1991. L’Oreal first segmented the population into the different sexes as they thought heir products’ “combination of low price and natural ingredients would fit India’s market, where women use plants and herbs as part of their beauty culture”. Their product specifically catered to the women of India, though later our group discusses how it should carve a niche market for itself in the Men’s sector. Psychographic Segmentation: L’Oreal segmented India into different groups based on their thinking and

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