Case Study Of Mega Cineplex Cinema

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1.0 Introduction As at year 2015, there are 3 Mega Cineplex Cinema in Malaysia, These 3 cinema are located at Pacific at Prai Butterworth, Langkawai and Bertam. As a marketing officer in Mega Cineplex in Prai, I have the responsibility in helping cinema management to improving their sales by attracting more customers to choose their cinema. Basically, I will be based on the individual factor and the social-culture factor to attract customer to choose Mega Cineplex Cinema in Pacific. 2.0 Individual Factor 2.1 Motivation-Maslow Theory The purpose of Maslow’s hierarchy of need is want to understand how can people be motivated. Motivate is provide someone a reason or motive to achieve something. Social need also called as belongings and love needs. It is all about family, friend, relation, affection and work group and so on (McLeod, 2007). Social need is needed for most of the people because friend can be benefit for each other, for example: give advice, encourage, motivate, celebrate, be listener and etc. Most important is need to know each other’s value, interest and etc. People will invite their friend to have a date weekly or during free time to maintain their relationship or friendship. By that time, they will be gossip, sharing the same interest or do some activities. For example: go for a movie dating (Lawrence Robinson, 2015). As a marketing officer, we can use sales promotion to increase sales. Sales promotion is an activity that encourage

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