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Mt. Zion Organics envisions itself to be the premier healthy quick bite restaurant in Manila. They want to be the benchmark of healthy food in Manila. They want to be the top-of-the-mind brand when talking about organic and healthy food. They want to be a prime promoter of healthy living.
Mt. Zion Organics is determined to produce healthy salads that will cater people who deserves to have a healthy lifestyle. They are also determined to promote healthy living in geographic markets that deserve healthy lifestyle. They want to be positioned as healthy and thus revolve every strategies around it. They also want to gain profit to be able to build their next business plan which is an urban farm and
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Also their promotions is very important since they want to promote healthy living and it also satisfy brand awareness.
To maximize profit and be sustainable and competitive, they should be able to control their cost since cost is a big part of the food industry
Performance Indicators In Mt. Zion Organics, the key performance indicators are:
1. Product Quality and Development
- Customer complaints per product
Since the satisfaction of the customer is still the objectives, its all up to the customers to judge the quality of the products.
- Number of new products per year
Customers may easily get tired of the salads. And thus they want to develop their product and develop new products in the menu. To measure that, they need to have a number of new products in the menu per year

2. Location/Distribution
- Net Increase of Sales per month
The traffic directly affects the sales. The more people passing by the more the sales will be.
- Number of channels in which product is available
To be able to be successful in its distribution, they need to have more than one distribution

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