Case Study Of Munchy's Food Industry

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Food industry in Malaysia involved players from both large companies and SMEs business. The industry is responding to the needs and demands of consumers. The food processing sector in Malaysia accounted for 10% of the country 's manufacturing output. Processed foods are exported to more than 80 countries with an annual export value of more than $ 5 billion (US $ 1.3 billion), of which two-thirds of total food exports more than RM8 billion. Demand for food in the country is on an increasing trend with the current population of 25 million people suffer from a stable annual growth at about 2.5%. In Southeast Asia, ASEAN 's population is 550 million people. Malaysia can take advantage of a very large number of residents by producing halal food especially to meet the needs of the food supply for the people who are Muslims in Malaysia and the ASEAN region. Halal food is required not only in the country and the region but also the world. This is a list of one of companies that are registered under (SMEs) and to provide for the food beverage industry from the official website of SME Corporation Malaysia ( and I chose the company Munchy 's for my selection as the report and do some research about the company. Munchy 's has been recognized as the No.1 homegrown biscuit brand of Malaysia. Introduction of the Malaysian success story of five remarkable brothers who come from Muar, Johor. Munchy 's actual name comes from Mandarin, which has the term "Mai Qi" is

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