Case Study Of Nelso Nelson's Abandonment

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Nelson is 13 years old male that is currently living with her mother, grandmother and brother. According with youth’s mother the father on July 2 this year announced that he was leaving and that there was no possibility of further discussion because he was moving in with his new girlfriend. Youth and mother equally expressed that the shock of the father’s abandonment was tremendous and that they are still grieving the end of the relationship. Up till now Nelson keeps contact with his father but stated that each visitation is tense and very stressful for him. Youth’s developmental milestones were achieved on time, according to mother. Nelson was diagnosed with ADD when he was in elementary school but never took any medication. He is going to school and is currently in 8th grade, but he stated that he does not like studying and skips classes frequently.…show more content…
Youth was critically hospitalized in the Jackson Memorial Hospital Mental Health Unit September 24, 2015 after showing suicidal ideations manifested as; comments about not wanting to live anymore, hopelessness and thinking that death will be the only relief for emotional pain. Nelson stated that being in the Mental Health Unit was one of the most horrific experiences of his life and that he has frequent nightmares about this event. Youth also reported that the separation of his parents has affected him deeply and that he feels guilty because he suspected of his father infidelity and he never did anything about it. He declared that he resents his father not only because he abandon the home, but also because he forces him to like and accept his new
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