Case Study Of Nivea Men In The Singapore Market

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides an analysis of the slow rising of market share for Nivea Men in the Singapore market and the prospective ways for Nivea Men to establish it’s brand name in the Singapore market. This report draws attention to the fact that the market share of Nivea Men was only 2.6% as of 2013. The shares of other major competitors such as Gillette and Gatsby were 28.1% and 13.3% respectively. Also, further investigations revealed that over the next few years, the male skincare and a few other segments in the male grooming industry is expected to continue to grow even further. Moreover, the traditional marketing strategies have begun to lose its effectiveness as compared to the usage of social media to promote products. Many companies have also begun to mimic trends from the female grooming industry, like modifying products to include natural products to attract the male consumer base. Natural ingredients are the latest trend that is found in the male skincare market. This report evaluates its feasibilities and benefits and concludes that this would be an ideal way to tackle the current challenges faced and would be able to satisfy consumer demands. It is recommended that Nivea Men should take measures to launch and promote a new line of products infused with natural ingredients alongside its existing product range; as well as launching a proper campaign for the new line of product. INTRODUCTION In the recent years, male consumers are starting to

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