Case Study Of Obukz Car Valeting Service

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Obukz Car Valeting Service is a new start-up aiming to start their business in the UK market on small-scale. The company aims to start their business by online mean and build their customer line. The idea of using a domain name for starting a business is to reduce the operational cost of start-up as the company already has low starting investment.
Potential Customers
In the competitive market of valeting service, Obukz car valeting services would face different issues in making their potential client line. However, with competent strategies and high-quality services Obukz car would build their recognition in the UK market within a short time span.
Unique Selling Proposition
In case of Obukz start up, it would be appropriate for the company
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Companies related to car valeting services develop their business by providing high quality services to their clients and increase good word of mouth. In case of Obukz car valeting service, it will focus on targeting owner of old and luxury cars, as they require regular maintenance and it could be a huge source of income. By following the market trends, the company will be able to meet the market standards of working and increase their business range.
Market Research
While conducting the market research for car valeting service, it is observed that customer services is the only strategy that would help Obukz to increase their business and give a smooth boost to its business. Furthermore, average and middle class car owners have limited budget to maintain their expenses, in such condition, people prefers to avoid valet service especially in regards of car wash. It would be beneficial for Obukz car valeting to focus on taxi companies so is to get regular work, cover their operational cost, and increase its profitability.
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It is important for the company to train their employees in accordance with dealing with behaviour, customer services, proper responses, handling emergencies and safety so is to increase their services and build strong customer line. In addition, it would be appropriate for the company to hire efficient IT team to handle the online business of the company and maintain the traffic on its website.
Financial Projections
Financial projections help the company to outline the assets, liabilities, investments of the company that are required by the company to start-up their business in the market place. In the case of Obukz, the total asset that the company has is about £5000 in total and the company will require an addition £1000 to start their business smoothly (See Appendix).
The initial investment of the about is about £5000 that is not an enough amount to run a car valet business smoothly even for 6 months. It would be appropriate for Obukz to apply for a business loan from bank so is to increase the amount of investment. The sales forecast predicts that the company will increase their business in the next five month and in such condition, it would be easy for the company to acquire a business loan to expand its

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