Case Study Of Okra

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEMS AND ITS SCOPE INTRODUCTION Rationale of the study Food is a basic need of human society. That is why food industries are showing a great deal of variety in the world to come up with new better products. Food varies from being a whole food, to fast food, to junk food, and there’s the comfort food. The comfort food consists of food that helps us cope up with stress and other negative feelings and ice cream is one of them. There is a growing market for ice cream here in the Philippines. Ice cream sales were expected to grow by 2.8% in 2009 (source: just-food). Chocolate remains to be the undisputed favourite flavor of Filipinos which is why it is primarily launched and developed by manufacturers. The flavor that they put to the ice cream makes the price higher. Now there are no manufacturers use vegetable as flavor to their ice cream because the consumers might not patronize their product. Talking about vegetable, okra is one of them. Many have heard and seen it but only a few who bother to taste and liked it. Okra landed on the 11th spot for the 26 most and least healthy vegetables (source: BuzzFeed). Okra is often recommended by nutritionists in controlling cholesterol and weight reduction programs. Okra is as powerful antioxidant as blueberries and blackberries; has a powerful antidepressant effects; and the lectin found in the okra kills up to 72% of cancer cells and 75% of highly metastatic melanoma cells, and lessens 40% risk of prostate cancer

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