Case Study Of Online Shopping

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A market is a place where products are sold by sellers and bought by customers. Through the years with technology, the meaning and nature of market have evolved. From the historical evolution of the market, different stages of transitions can be defined, the last stage being the era of online shopping.

The year 1994 when the online shopping was first developed, alas the growth of the internet has been the big advantaged of electronic commerce. After a year, different online shopping sites were also launched and introduced (e.g. followed by and the variety of product became widely available for shoppers. Early days, however, only a few shoppers were active in online shopping and it depended on the product that they would like to avail.

Online shopping is very popular nowadays, it allows clients to directly buy different stuff such as appliances, cosmetic products, gadgets, clothes and other services directly from the seller over the Internet. Electronic commerce can be access through the internet using the web browser or the various type of application of the retailer. Sellers could post information or pictures regarding the product or service they want to sell on the internet on a website to form their online stores. Customers can smoothly find a product of interest by visiting the website, application and the social media page of the merchant. Furthermore, with the alternative dealers using a shopping search
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