Case Study Of Ottoman Pharma

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OTTOMAN PHARMA: MANAGING A CONFLICT IN SALES DISTRBUTION Each significant moment was becoming a cause of his cumulative headache. On a cold afternoon in December 2014, the manager of Ottoman Pharma sat in his office and he was puzzling over the best way to deal with conflict between the distributors of different regions of his company because the expansion and progress of the company was totally dependent on the effectiveness of distributors hired from different regions of the country. The conflict arose due to area interruption by sales distributors which consequently routinely caused damage to the reputation of the company. The manager’s desire to take some definite decisions aimed at managing the crisis was thwarted by the possibility of slowing down the distributions of the company which is even more dangerous than the crisis itself. THE ORGANIZATION: OTTOMAN PHARMA Ottoman Pharma started its operation in 1996 in a two room buildings with only a few employees tasked to produce the vaccines of different types including Otto NDFLU Vac. (Inactivated Ai HD+H9 oil based vaccine), Otto FLU Vac. (Inactivated Ai HD+H9 oil based vaccine), Otto FLUPLUS Vac. (Inactivated Ai HD+H5 oil based vaccine), and Otto HPS Vac. (Hydro pericardium Syndrome Vaccine). In 2002, the product became quite successful and the company was able to expand its building area for a full-fledged company at 10km Raiwind Road, Lahore. Because of the increase in sales and success of product line, the company

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