Case Study Of PT. Haneka Putra Perdana

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I. Introduction IN.1 Company Profile The continued development of the apparel industry, the demand for the production of apparel (garment) in particular shirts for men is increasing from year to year. It is an opportunity that can be used to establish a factory for the production of clothing. PT. Haneka Putra Perdana is a company that manufactures and markets apparel and distributes a wide variety of apparel PT. Haneka Putra Perdana was established on January 15, 1995 by Mr. Ir. Fuinardy Yunus and Mr. Bong Hamdani. At the beginning of PT. Haneka Putra Perdana has 150 fruit machines to do the production process clothes. The machine used by the company to manufacture clothing and most of the machines were lent to the home industry to assist in…show more content…
Haneka Putra Perdana is to become one of the companies that support the marketing with a quality product in the production of dress shirts. Men PT.Haneka prime mission is 1. Being a leader in the apparel industry with emphasis on quality and good quality 2. Provide the best service to customers, both in terms of quality or product quality as well as the attitudes and views of service 3. Being a company that treats workers as partners in collaborating improve customer service and satisfaction I.3 business field PT. Haneka Putra Perdana is a manufacturing company that produces apparel such as men 's shirts are branded Galvano and Dankanmen located in Cengkareng. In addition to producing apparel, men 's shirt is the focus of a major production company. Besides the men 's shirts, PT. Haneka Putra Perdana also manufactures women 's shirts and children 's clothing but not as much as producing men 's shirts. In addition to producing apparel, PT. Haneka Putra Perdana also sells…show more content…
Haneka Putra Perdana depends on five factors: 1. Competition Between companies Similar In a business must have a competitor that is running a similar business fields. Company mutually enhance the strength and competitive advantage for increasing the quality of the company in the eyes of customers by developing corporate strategy. PT. Haneka Putera Perdana always looking for opportunities in fashion trends in interest market. PT. Men Haneka prime determining the criteria in accordance with the market interest and then producing his shirt. This is done so PT. Haneka Putra Perdana to remain competitive and to improve the company 's operating cycle. 2. Possible Entry of New Competitors Many industries engaged in garments made of the potential entry of competitors in the garment industry. It is not an obstacle for PT. Haneka Putra Perdana. Due to the quality of the company and their customer 's trust by the quality of the product does not make the company concerned. They believed that the impact of newcomers will not last long. Prevention of the company is to always consult with the managers of the company to develop the quality of the company and do the screening internally and one other alternative, the company will be subsidizing to see the opportunities that will occur in

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