Case Study Of Peggy Hettrick's Body

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On February 11, 1987, Peggy Hettrick’s body was found in a field in Fort Collins, Colorado. Hettrick’s body was located near the Prime Minister Pub and Grill which was the last place Hettrick was spotted alive at approximately 1:30 in the morning (Possley, 2016). When police found Peggy Hettrick’s body she had been stabbed in the back and sexually mutilated. Eye witnesses reported that Hetterick left the pub after allegedly witnessing her boyfriend with another female. Timothy Masters, a fifteen year old male, was pulled in for questioning when police questioned Masters father, who reported that his son had mentioned seeing a mannequin in the field, 100 feet from their home. Masters told the police that he thought it was a prank. After the

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