Case Study Of Petromin

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Mehr Parwez
Professor Kim Smith
EST 325
7h July 2017
Introduction to Saudi Arabia’s leading oil corporation – Petromin
Case Study
History and Growth:
Keeping an oil-dependent economy like that of Saudi Arabia in mind, it’s not astounding to know there are numerous lubrication service companies prevailing in the kingdom. As with any field of service, there is always a dominant one leading that particular sector. In this case, this is where Petromin Corporation stands, with its 40% market share. Saudi Arabia’s leading lubricants and automative services company, Petromin, has four lines of business existing currently; these comprising oil lubricants, car servicing (Petromin Express), fuel retaining, and car dealerships (“petromin” 2016). “Petromins Jeddah plant is now one of the biggest oil and mobilization plants in the middle-east, and the present production capacity is that of 300,000 metric tons” (Hinduja Group, 2010). Safe to say, over a period of around 40 years, Petromin Corporation has gained supremacy in the lubricants market.
Originally Petromin was meant to take place of foreign-owned company called Aramco” (Steffan 2008). However, this did not happen. A journal articles abstract claimed to say that due to “Petromin 's inefficiency and personal rivalries among the Saudi elite, Petromin was instead taken to the sidelines in favor of a gradually ‘Saudiised’ Aramco” (Steffan 2008). Therefore, “the organization of the Saudi oil sector today is very different from – and

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