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1. Summary: This Paper divided into four parts that including Introduction, Finding, Conclusion, and Recommendation. In the Introduction part, I gave a brief introduction of the background, purpose, method, and Scope the report. The segment of Finding includes why Pizza Hut is so popular these years and some weakness in operation. It is divided into three parts, which include food, environment and customer service, to analyze the factors of Pizza Hut so popular. Then we can find the food and the environment are important reasons for Pizza Hut win numerous customers. Recommendation part includes some advice for the future development of Pizza Hut. 2. Introduction: 2.1Background: Pizza Hut is an international chain of pizza restaurants and…show more content…
Pizza Hut crazy in creating new products, in the different quarter it will offer new products and it will adjust measures to local conditions. Such as spring and summer is the season of durian mature then Pizza Hut pushes out a durian pizza. In order to cater to the Chinese market, Pizza Hut joins the Beijing roast duck in the pizza, and then new product attracted many new customers. Pizza Hut is a very creative restaurant so it earns a good reputation and is a lot of loyal customers. Only China’s Pizza Hut push out rice that shows Pizza Hut good at adjusting measures to local conditions. Pizza Hut noted that rice is an indispensable part of Chinese people’s life, so it pushes out baked rice that make rice in Western style. And this series drew in a large middle-aged people. 3.1.2 Environment The Dining environment is one of important factor influence food because a good dining environment can make the customers have a better dining experience. And through the questionnaire is not hard to find the good dining environment is the reason of most people choose Pizza Hut. Therefore, we can find Pizza hut spend much thought on dining…show more content…
Beyond that, Pizza Hut ask their waiter keep a certain distance with the customer but when the clients need help will appear immediately. Thus, Pizza Hut’s customer service satisfaction ratio is very high and has favorable word of mouth. In the Internet age, Pizza Hut launched on-line ordering at early time and receive high estimate. The good take-out service let many people choose Pizza Hut when they did not have enough time to eat at restaurant. Then Pizza Hut wins more people. 3.2 Weakness in Pizza Hut operation 3.2.1 Food Although Pizza Hut pushes out many different types of pizza and renews the meal each half year, but Pizza Hut lost some core thing that is something can stand for Pizza Hut maybe it is a pizza or desert or drink or something else. These years, Pizza Hut tries to combined Chinese and Western diet style then create a fit Chinese person’s food. Certainly, it a good method to attract Chinese people in past year, but from the questionnaire result can find most people want eat more western food in Pizza

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