Case Study Of Pramanik Containers Pvt Ltd

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Bansilal Mehta set up Pramanik Containers Pvt. Ltd (Pramanik) in 1977 in Mumbai. It used to supply aerosol cans to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and deodorant companies. The main problem at Pramanik was managing the printing plates. As a result, the production was low and cost incurred was high. Piyush (Bansilal’s son) set objectives to better the condition. His objectives included proper management of resources at low cost and increased efficiency of workers. He had options of establishing professionalism and increasing efficiency of workers. If he goes with first option, most objectives are fulfilled. On the basis of this fact I would suggest Piyush must go for establishing professionalism.

Pramanik Containers Pvt Ltd.(Pramanik), a family business, established by Bansilal Mehta in 1977 in Mumbai, manufactured and provided aerosol cans to many companies in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and perfume industry. Its initial and leading customer was ABC Pharma, a large multinational company.

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