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Ritz-Carlton, a household name that many people give this hotel company a near-mythic status in the industry, not only because it has always been a model of offering superb service, customers approval along with winning twice of the Baldrige award also enable the organization to take an invincible lead in the world market.

1. in what ways could the Ritz-Carlton monitor its success in achieving quality? What exactly should they check? (Use your experience, common sense, and, if needed, assumptions-if using assumptions, state them explicitly.)

Interestingly enough, it is coincidental that I am a hotel practitioner by profession, hence I find this case study both illuminating and profoundly significant as it poses some challenging questions.
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Likewise, a positive social media presence is a platform for happy customers to spread the words about the service, which it not only helps to attract new customers and potential future employees, also can make existing customers feel engaged and be proud of staying or dining at Ritz-Carlton. What 's more, by taking a look at the guest complaint incidents, Ritz-Carlton can identify the gaps in its process management, then take corrective action to adjust and make progress. For market share measures, needless to say, the larger slice of the market, the better.

Develop a fish-bone diagram illustrating the quality variables for a customer who just checked in at Ritz-Carlton. Causes and sub-causes need be identified.

A comfortable bed is an integral part of a staying experience. However, after the customer checked-in at the front desk, he was informed that the room was yet ready because of the hotel high occupancy last night, the housekeeping department did not finish off the cleaning. In this situation, low labour productivity can be the contributing factor for other quality variables to change, cause and sub-causes were showed in below fish-bone diagram that illustrates
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In conclusion, Ritz-Carlton is an established hotel company that set an example of quality service to its customers. After learning through practicing, I am now more aware the importance of quality and quality improvement tools, I realize there is no easy job to achieve a dominant position in any industry without making efforts. The same will apply to our study, work, and life matters.


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