Behavior Case Study: Water All Over Pants

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Water All Over Pants – MB


Before a Dad Picks Up His Daughter From School, He Pours Water All Over His Pants. The Reason Why Will Warm Your Heart.


When most parents get a call from their child 's school, it is normally about bad behavior. Many parents are anxious when they pick up the phone. They automatically assume that there is some type of behavior problem. In the case of Robert Moore, this phone call was a sign that his daughter needed to be rescued.


Giana Moore was at work when she received an unexpected phone call. Her daughter, Olivia, was only six years old. While she was at kindergarten for the day, the school wanted Olivia 's parents to pick her up.

Luckily, Olivia was not in any trouble …show more content…

It offered a number of free spins for a small deposit. Since the secretary still had not returned with his daughter, he decided to play. After eight spins, he hit the progressive jackpot. To his total amazement, Robert had won $325,000!

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In that moment, Robert felt a giant sense of relief. While he and his wife worked hard, they were always short on money. Now, they would have enough money to buy a house and start their own business. He was just starting to dream about how they could use the money when his daughter appeared.

At first, Olivia was still crying. She tried to hide herself behind the secretary as they walked so that no one could see her. As she walked into the room, her father stood up. When she saw the water on his pants, she burst out laughing. Just then, her classmates walked by the office windows. None of them even noticed Olivia 's pants. Instead, they saw the wet spot on Robert 's pants. Like Olivia, they burst out laughing.

After her classmates finished walking by, Olivia ran up to her father and hugged him. She no longer worried about her pants or her embarrassment. She loved her father so much for making her feel …show more content…

After they left the school, Olivia and Robert went to the icecream shop. Before winning the jackpot, Robert had felt worried about returning to work. Now, he could relax and enjoy previous moments with his daughter. After getting icecream, he took his daughter to the toy shop where she bought a teddy bear. Now, they would return home together to tell Giana about their sudden windfall.

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