Case Study Of Ruth Chang's Ted Talk

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Ted Talk:

The thing that Ruth Chang is trying to say in her Ted Talk is that there are a lot of difficult decisions that we have to make in life. They may seem hard, but that is just because we are thinking about them the wrong way. There are no best alternatives to these choices. So instead of trying to find reasons to make one decision over another, we should make reasons for ourself. Making reasons for ourself is natural, and it has shaped each person to be the way they are. Overall, hard choices are a good thing, not a bad.

Life Decisions: Whether to stay in high school or drop out.
Staying in High School-
-Better education.
-Much better chance of getting into college.
-Friendships to be made.
-Encourages you to stay on track
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I want to at least have a chance at a successful future. I need to go to college and study something that I love. Dropping out of highschool just wouldn’t give me anything to work towards. That doesn’t work for me

2. Whether to stay on Maui or move to the mainland.
Staying on Maui-
-Natural Beauty .
-The Ocean.
-The Weather.
-The People (friends, family, nice strangers.)
-Not necessarily a lot of opportunity.
-The college.
-The cost of living.

When I grow old enough, I want to actively move around and travel. Living on Maui forever just isn’t ideal. That being said, I would love to live on Maui for periods of time. My ultimate goal is to be able to live on maui for some time, salt lake city for some time, and Holland for some time. After all that travel, I’d want to settle down in a comfortable town in Florida.

3. Whether to Get Married or Not.
Getting Married-
-50% of couples get divorced :/
-Less freedom

Who doesn’t want to find a significant other someday? I would love to get married, but only to the right person. It doesn’t feel necessary to marry very young and possibly get a divorce. I want to get married, but I have to be
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