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The following assignment is based on the case study of SKF South Africa (Pty) Limited.
Who is SKF?
According to SKF’s website the company has been a main worldwide technology supplier since 1907. Their major quality is the capacity to persistently grow new innovations – then utilize them to make products that offer benefits to their clients.
They accomplish this by combining hands-on experience in over forty industries.
SKF aims to create products that are of benefit to their consumer’s needs.

‘Profitability through reliability’
The meanings of these words are evident that SKF has made promises which give them an ‘operations-based advantage’ for the following reasons:
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• Their products enable customers to achieve their goals, which mean they are doing things better by providing consumers with a better product compared to that of their competitors.
• Their goals when providing products are improved safety, less maintenance, energy saving and low cost. It is important for a business to do things cost effectively which places them on the market enabling them to make a good turnover.
To my understanding, the process type SKF uses to manufacture the range of ICOS oil sealed bearing units is called, Batch processes also known as jobs lots
Batch process allows for a limited range of products which are manufactured in batches.

The following report indicates the design and operations process suited to manufacturer the ICOS OIL SEALED BEARING UNITS.
The design of supply networks:
It is vital for the whole supply system to be thought about. This empowers the operations director to decide exactly what the inputs for the particular operations procedures are and the customers’ needs that must be
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Newspapers - almost all people read the newspaper because it keeps them in touch with what’s happening in the world. SKF can post an article on the Y-Bearing and the benefits thereof, which will not only attract those in the agricultural business but also those whom might know of someone who might be interested.
Pamphlets – it is common in today’s society for people to hand out flyers/ pamphlets at the corner of streets or even dropping off pamphlets at the local doctor’s surgery, this to will assist SKF in advertising.
Direct Marketing:
Online shopping – I am a personal fan of this, it is not only convenient but it also encourages the customer to visit the website of the company and be introduced to more products which they offer.
Catalogues - a catalogue can provide photographs of the product and information regarding the product which can be useful to the customer. The company details will also be printed on the catalogue for future use.

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