Case Study Of SPCA In Midland

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SPCA MIDLAND 3 The SPCA in Midland is a great nonprofit organization were they help out animals that need to be cared for because they have been put in an environment where they were not treated properly. There are many strengths and weaknesses when it come to a nonprofit organization and the SPCA in Midland has a lot of strengths to it, but they also have some weaknesses that they do not really tell to the public and you really have to look for to find out what they are. The Ontario SPCA 's mission is to facilitate and provide for province-wide leadership on matters relating to the prevention of cruelty to animals…show more content…
The staff are professionals who work in this field because they love animals, and the decisions they make are made for the good of the animal and of the communities that they will live in. The Ontario SPCA is partnered with many organizations to insure the best outcome for the animals and for communities across Ontario and even extend their programs across the province. They are always trying to give the animals the best possible care that they deserve so that eventually they will be suitable for someones home to live in. This can be related to the four principles of collaborative change, the first one is lead as peer problem solver, they 've shown this by what they have overcome since they began they have had a lot of obstacles that they were faced with and they were able to deal with so that they were not stopped from achieving their goals of helping as much animals as possible and they don 't plan to stop any time soon. They have built a broad-based involvement, they have gotten a lot of support from the community and they also accept all kinds of help from people volunteering no matter what your skill level is they want people to help as long as your intentions to help are good. They inspire commitment and action by showing the community all the work that they are putting into their organization through there social media outputs they are always keeping them updated so the community knows about their hard work going into the SPCA and that all the volunteers their enjoy volunteering with the SPCA so that this could potentially lead to more people wanting to get involved as well. The last one is to sustain hope and participation, they achieve this by having the community get involved by volunteering and they sustain hope by keeping all the animals that they have in
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