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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Aim - The aim of this project is to test our hypothesis. We are investigating this topic to see if there is a significant relationship between the location of a market and its foot fall and sale and to illustrate our contention we will use the example of Big Bazaar and Sabka Bazaar. Location of Big Bazaar Big Bazaar is located in Noida, India U.P. Big Bazaar is located in one of the biggest malls in India and it shares its location with one of the busiest metro stations in Noida. It is situated in one of the most commercialized sectors of the city. Fig 1.1 – Map of India Sabka Bazaar on the other hand is in a location where only local residents are the frequent visitors. It is in a market which has shops like…show more content…
Big Bazaar has a larger sphere of influence and many people visit it because of its range of services. Hypothesis 2 – Big Bazaar has a larger extended Sphere of Influence than Saba Bazaar while Sabka Bazaar has larger immediate sphere of influence. Hypothesis 3 - People will be willing to travel longer to visit big bazaar rather than sabka bazaar. Hypothesis 4 - Big Bazaar will appeal more to younger generation of shoppers due to its variety of products. PREDICTION The sphere of influence of Big Bazaar would be bigger as they are likely to have more variety of products and better quality of services as Big Bazaar is comparatively a bigger brand with greater resources and has influenced the market for a longer period of time. Big Bazaar can also offer more schemes to its customers and carry out huge marketing campaigns to attract customers of all age groups. Big Bazaar has chain of outlets at numerous locations. Sabka Bazaar, on the other hand, is a smaller shop with a limited range of products. They have lesser resources in comparison to the Big Bazaar. It is located in a normal market place which caters to the neighborhood primarily. Both Sabka Bazaar and Big Bazaar sell low order goods making the comparison

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