Case Study Of Samsung

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SAMSUNG Introduction The mobile industry is at the pinnacle of innovation and growth both in terms of the new technology and growth. The last decade has seen phenomenal growth in the technology of mobile communication and has witnessed the evolution of mobiles from a communication device to a commodity that can be sold across different segments and have gone “smarter” by the day. Modern mobile phones have surpassed the computers in terms of their reach, utility and computing capabilities. The number of players as well as the technology has forced Samsung to evolve from a consumer electronics brand in to company dealing in cutting edge technologies. The current case study is about understanding the evolution of Samsung from the consumer electronics company to a mobile phone giant giving tough competition to all the major existing players in the market and leveraging the quality proposition combined with extreme focus on innovation and developing new technology in order to become a leader in the electronics markets across different segments and becoming a success globally. The last decade has seen excessive growth in the mobile phone market and dethroning of some major players like Nokia and Motorola and coming up of new giants like Apple. The companies like apple have grown to such an extent that mobile phones have become a major contributor in their overall revenues. Some of key issues studied in the given report are: - Analyzing the growth of Samsung in the mobile phone

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