Case Study Of Sandra Meyer's Return To Edgarville

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When Sandra Meyer 's violent ex-boyfriend returns to sleepy Edgarville, Illinois, she turns to the man who stood up to Nick Benedetto years ago. If brawny Garth Benson will pose as her boyfriend on social media, maybe Nick will leave her alone. Sandra adores Garth, but she doesn 't want any more ties to Edgarville. Now finished with a decade of dedicated service as her mother 's caregiver, Sandra is planning her exit from this one-stoplight town. Garth is firmly rooted in Edgarville with the family monument business and a trophy shop that will need a "mom" to his "pop." Garth has wanted Sandra ever since he slugged Nick more than ten years ago. Her secrets run deep, as do the strengths that he admires within her, but whenever he tries to

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