Business Case Study: Scandic Hotels

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Scandic Hotels.
Scandic hotel is a hotel chain which has its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden with its main operations in the Northern Europe and Northern Islands. They have several different hotels which are situated in Norway, Finland and Denmark, the company also has a presence in Belgium and the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. It is owned by EQT Partners which is a leading private equity group. The first Scandic hotel was opened in 1963 and by the year 1973 the remaining 32 hotels became the largest chain in its native Sweden. (Wikipedia, 2014).

Stadthalle Hotel
It is a 3 star boutique hotel with 79 rooms in Vienna. The property is called as ''green oasis'' and it is a luxury property. The parent company of the Vienna hotels has been
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The concept of green washing was first put in acceleration by Jay Westervelt in 1986. In the case about the hospitality industry, it is described the hotel should encourage green washing by putting card holders where the guest could be encouraged to reuse towels, rather than giving it back to the laundry, through this preservation of water could be made in the environment. By doing such things the hotels main motive is reduce cost. Green washing is related to cases where companies advertise their environmental benefits and achievements, rather than real investments in (green) technology. For example, in the 2009 McDonald's in Europe changed the colour of their logos from yellow and red to yellow and green; a person from the company explained that the change was '' to clarify their responsibility for the preservation of natural…show more content…
One option was a partnership with the right suppliers; it included selecting appropriate suppliers and co-innovation with them. There were several examples mentioned in the article, such as working with the laundry supplier to remove chlorine bleach from its laundry processes. Scandic also worked with the dish washing liquid supplier to reduce detergent dosage in washing machines for breakfast dishes -the amount of detergent needed for breakfast dishes is not as high as for lunch or

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