Case Study Of Shangri La Hotel

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Analyze the company internationalization. (Are they operating internationally, if so where? And how are they performing over there?) Shangri-La hotel and resorts was originated in 1971 and was a flagship hotel in Singapore. Currently there are fifty five deluxe resorts and hotels around the world based on the Hong Kong hotel chain. Shangri-La has their hotels and resorts across the world for example North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Shangri-La hotel also soon will expand to Philippines, Maldives, India and Thailand as well. Shangri-La hotel has high speed of international growth because their hotel is expanding their operation to different countries and increases their international existence. By expanding their business to various countries, those countries not only for tourists’ destination but also provide suitable accommodation to businesses with attractive environment. The motivations of Shangri-La hotel to internalization their business because it is lower cost doing their business in different countries and can generate high revenue in those areas (Study Moose 2016). The foreign exchange that earn by the business abroad is one of the reason that Shangri-La hotel internationalization. Shangri-La hotel also gained advantages of opening in new location and in term of goodwill. As Shangri-La hotel gained benefits in terms of revenue from the international location, the popularity growth and now Shangri-La hotel has become five star hotels and resorts in

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